T-shirt SLOGANS –

Ok so apparently my taste and everyone else’s taste aren’t exactly the same…so…Here’s a list of slogans.
Pick one. Offer feedback and/or suggestions, but get this over with because hey guys we’re gonna order soon.

All shirts will have CrossFitNorthArlington.com under the slogan across the back. Non-negotiable.

In no particular order –
XFNA – no ugly snatches here.
XFNA – where snatching, jerking, and cleaning are publicly acceptable.
Forged by the Red Devil.
Snatch. Jerk. Clean. repeat.
I bleed for this.
Masochist…I pay for this.
No CrossFit? No fitness. Know CrossFit? Know fitness.
It’s all about the hip thrust.
Training for when zombies attack.
I bleed in practice so I won’t bleed in battle.
Building $%(*houses one brick at a time.
Our warmup > your workout.
For a good time call Fran – 21159
All the girls I’ve done before…Fran, Helen, Angie, Diane, Christine, Barbara, Cindy, Chelsea…
Will induce vomiting.
May cause wobbly knees.

There are more but let me know what you think of these. 🙂


One Response to “T-shirt SLOGANS –”

  1. Bayer Says:

    I laughed out loud at the “no ugly snatches here” one. That would definitely raise some eyebrows at the local wal-mart checkout line. I also liked the “I bleed in practice so I won’t bleed in battle.” and “Our warmup > your workout.” as well.

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