Intensity –

Hey guys, just letting you know…
These WODs are, by design, meant to have you sprinting through as hard as you can. You should NOT be pacing yourself to complete the workout. There shouldn’t be, at the end, any mental or physical question about how hard you worked. It’s a full on balls to the wall pedal to the metal sprint from 3..2..1…GO! to TIME!

I know you ‘know’ this but I’m reminding you…when you’re working, I’m going to squeeze and pull every bit of your intensity from you. When I start seeing you closing your eyes and withdrawing into your happy place, I’m going to pull you back and remind you that you’ve GOT to keep going.

The only thing on your mind when you’re working should be “Faster…harder…faster…harder…” (yeah, take that where you want to…).


One Response to “Intensity –”

  1. Meghan Says:

    You should repost this one to the FB page. We all know it, we all hear you say it time and time again, but a lot of the times when we hear you, we’re not really listening. I shamefully admit to pacing myself through Tuesday’s 21-15-9 Wallball/OHS/Burpee WOD. But I didn’t really realize what I was doing until just now. Sometimes I think we all need that heavy, healthy dose of your “balls to the wall” speech and swift kick in our nicely shaped, Jamie built, firm, strong asses.

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