Shoulder pain

Anyone in the 615 class last night got to see me in rare form, quiet and in pain. Ugh.
Tuesday’s WOD was pretty epic, and I wanted to get in on it, so while John finished up coaching the 615 class, I ducked out and did “Kris” (heh heh – Hey Kris – I did you…). Strength wise, I’m totally capable of putting up high numbers but here lately my shoulder has been KILLING me. I haven’t been this achy since I quit playing softball.
I figured I’d play it safe and only put 45lbs overhead and lift 65lbs.
Smart right?

Sure. It was raining and I had my headphones on and it was all good, I did my sprint and did my first waiter walk. Dropped my ass and did the squats, and did my second waiter walk. Presses were nothing, knocked those out, and started the third waiter walk. I’m adamant about shoulders staying locked in and being tight. I know how much of a protective measure that is, because if you’re bobbing your arms, you’re gonna clock yourself.

My shoulder just buckled. Thank GOD I was wearing headphones because the headpiece took most of the force.

See, my dumb ass has a jacked up rotator cuff. After three different diagnostic situations and meetings and having that stupid contrast MRI (btw, the contrast? It HURTS. If they tell you they use anesthetic, it’s true. What they don’t say is that the anesthetic is applied with a LONG F*CKING NEEDLE JAMMED INTO YOUR JOINT SPACE!!! And if you’re like me and have tight joint spaces? It don’t tickle.) I can tell you for a fact that I’ve got a SLAP tear, torn supraspinatus, and a torn long head bicep tendon. Wee. Aren’t I the lucky duck?

Shoulder pain isn’t something to neglect or ignore. I made a conscious decision to decline surgery because I don’t want to deal with the immobilization and recovery period and I refuse to deal with the set back, not to mention how inconvenient it would be to have my right hand completely removed from my personal use. That said, there are steps I can take to prevent the shoulder from being too much of a nuisance. Now remember, “too much” is completely relative to the person experiencing the pain. If it’s debilitating, limiting, or interferes with your daily goings about – GO SEE YOUR ORTHOPEDIST!
Here is a list and pictures of effective shoulder strengthening exercises. I used to do quite a few of them and they really helped. I’m going to really recommend that anyone experiencing shoulder grief, get with me and we can talk about these movements.
The key is strengthening the stabilizing musculature around the shoulder so it’s not bearing so much of the load, and when it does bear a load, the shoulder is really locked in and strong.

Finally, if ANY of you are experiencing any kind of pain beyond the normal soreness – TALK TO US. We want to help you fix it before you’re truly injured.

One Response to “Shoulder pain”

  1. Excellent! Reminds me I haven’t done my rotator-cuff-muscle exercise in a week.

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