Mobility – we bend so we don’t break!

We’ve been doing more stretching lately, much to the overall disgruntlement of anyone sitting in the bear poop squat with me. But guys – it hurts soooo gooooooooddddd. I promise!

There’s a difference between ‘warming up’ and ‘stretching’.

First, cold muscle should NEVER be stretched. I can’t be emphatic enough about that. That’s why when we do the pass throughs I have you start with your hands wide so you can gradually work your way in. Cold muscle stretching = a very painful and slow healing TEAR.
“Warming up” is quite literal. The intention is to get to the blood flowing, make your heart pump, and elevate your body temp slightly. This starts with joint rotations from the fingers to the wrists to the elbows to the shoulders and neck all the way through to the toes. After that, spend 3 to 5 minutes jumping rope, jogging, moving around…even doing line touches.

THEN we stretch it out.

After a WOD is a great time to stretch because you’re all warm and loosey goosey. That said, I don’t want to overstretch, because that will actually decrease the flexibility you’re working for.

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