Core to extremity violations

oooo big words!
Actually, it’s just a fancy way of stating that when you do a movement, and it feels odd and herky jerky it’s usually because you were out of sequence somewhere.

Functional movement originates in our ‘core’. We use that power to push (or pull) the weight where we want it to go. Then, our arms or legs give us our direction, and finally, the wrists or ankles give the extra finesse or speed. Try to direct before you have power, and it’s like trying to turn a 66 Ford pickup with a flat tire and no power steering. Difficult, painful, and you’ll probably make up more cursewords than any one person has the right to create during that time frame.

That C2E movement is what powers EVERYTHING. When you do a clean, you’re pulling the weight up and shrugging as you open your hips (core), THEN you’re dropping down (extremity). Try this with a heavy load and improper form and you’re gonna get hurt.

Because everything we do is so very core driven, we don’t (and won’t) do a ton of ‘ab work’. Pssh. Give me three or four rounds of 10 or 15 rep OHS at 85 to 115 lbs and tell me that your abs aren’t sore tomorrow. I dare you.
In all honesty, so much midline stability is necessary for these movements, separate ‘ab work’ isn’t truly necessary.

Just remember, keep it all in order. Power (core) THEN direction (extremity).


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