WOD in the park?

Guys the weather today is AH MAY ZZIIINNNGGGGLY gorgeous. I’m hoping it stays that way (don’t get me wrong, I’m a summer baby through and through, give me a beer, a beach, some waves, a bikini, and I’m happier than a pig in slop, but August was just GRUELING…) so we can start heading out to our local parks on Saturday mornings and attracting some attention with your badassness.

So what do you think about a Saturday a.m. WOD in the park? Feedback, por favor!


One night John and I were making some mischief as we were running around and were thinking about ways to get ourselves into trouble.
We considered…like seriously considered…doing a WOD in a Wal-Mart. Like an aisle sprint and at the end of each aisle doing pushups or squats…

Of course to do this it’d have to be like 2 a.m. so we don’t kill anyone, and we’d all have to wear our XFNA shirts…but really…would we get arrested for that? o.o


4 Responses to “WOD in the park?”

  1. MIKE KERZEE Says:

    Im in !!!!!!!

  2. Kris Black Says:

    I think a sat morning WOD in the park would be awesome! It would be interesting to see if we improved or not doing our WODs when we are out of the comfort of our CF playpen.
    Um arrested, not sure, but A WOD at 2 in the morning? ouch! But I can completely see you and John doing it 🙂

  3. Bayer Says:

    On like Donkey Kong.

  4. Sassy Says:

    You plan it, you can probably do a Wal-mart/Target WOD. publicity and all that, ya know? If you will recall, we did a couple of karate demos around wally world before it’s relocation, back in the day.

    but I DONT THINK I”D DO IT WITHOUT THE PLANNING AND STORE BEING IN ON IT because I think those city slickers would arrest you. 🙂

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