Sugar – why we don’t want it…

And don’t you for a second think that by using artificial sugar you’re doing yourself any favors.
Here’s what happens –
You drink artificially sweetened beverage.
Taste buds tell your brain “Hey! Got something sweet here…so uh…call up Mr. Pancreas and tell him to send Miss Insulin out to take care of this mess!”
And like a good boss, your brain does, because she’s only got the information presented by your taste buds to go off of.
Mr. Pancreas and Miss Insulin do their thing, and suddenly, your body’s got a whole bunch of insulin floating around. Well, your brain, that’s one smart woman right there. She figures out the tricky tricky you’ve been pulling and eventually realizes that you’re pulling a bait and switch. Smart lady. Anyway, the amount of insulin Mrs. Brain instructs Mr. Pancreas to release is ultimately tapered off to a very small amount.
Then – one day you’ll decide you want a Snickers bar along with that Diet Coke, so you’ll have all kinds of sugar floating around, no insulin to handle it, and nowhere for the sugar to go but as fat on your ass.

So stop eating that shit, kthx.



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