Getting through the month –

For those of you taking the overhaul in September, you’re GOING to hit a few hurdles. First, you’ll hit the “What can I eat?” hurdle.
Meat. Vegetables. Fruit. Nuts.
Then the “What can I drink?”
Water, water with lemon, almond milk, coconut milk. black coffee or coffee with almond milk in it.
Then the “I feel like shit.” hurdle.
Evaluate your diet, you may not be eating enough. Seriously, fill up on those vegetables. Fill up on the meat. And understand, you’re cutting sugar. Sugar is a HUGE deal because it will feel like you’re going through withdrawal symptoms. To a point you are, so…just ride it through. Get through that 3 to 7 days of feeling like hammered dog ass. Once it’s over you’ll feel REALLY good.
Then the “I’m bored with my food” hurdle.
Google. Paleo Recipes. It’s REALLY that simple.
Also the “I’m not sure I’m seeing results” hurdle.
You will. It’s measured in the inches, pounds of weight you’re moving, and performance numbers.

EVOO and almonds are your friends. So are avocados (barf). So is almond milk. So is almond butter.

PLAN YOUR WEEK of meals. When you buy groceries for the week, seriously make it easy on yourself. Figure that at each meal you’re going to eat a chunk of meat, and buy the meat accordingly. Then, go to the frozen veggie section and buy the baggies of steamable (without sauce) vegetables. Eat that too.
WalMart is the BEST source for unsweetened frozen fruit. It’s the great value bags. That’s nothing but frozen strawberries, blueberries (yay!), raspberries, etc. First they’re cheap. Second they’re not frozen. Fresh is great but I find that fresh fruit will go bad too fast for me to eat it all. So I go frozen.
A cast iron skillet, some sea salt, some olive oil, and some spices are magical. Throw zucchini and carrots and squash and peppers and stir fry, then finish off with a hunk of meat. It’s pretty amazing.

Know where you can go in a pinch to stay within the rules – QT has fresh fruit, greasy spoon breakfast diners have eggs and bacon and often chicken and tomatoes at breakfast, TGIFridays has a petite sirloin with fresh vegetables that is the BOMB. You can totally do fajitas from Chilis without the side stuff, fresh veggies instead, and eat the onions and peppers.

Spice it up with…well…spices. And infused olive oil.

Above all, don’t hesitate to call me or John if you have any questions. We’ve been there, and we’re glad to help.

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