Nutrition overhaul…1 Sept – 30 Sept

We talked about this today – so here are the “rules and requirements” so to speak.

No dairy. No milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, greek yogurt, ice cream, etc.
No grain. No rice, oatmeal, bread, pasta, etc. If it’s made by using grain, nope. No mac & cheese.
No sugar. No stevia. No artificial sweeteners. No HFCS. Honey, well. That’s at your discretion. Cavemen did eat it, but honey has a very high glycemic index, meaning it’ll spike your blood sugar and cause your insulin to go crazy, so it may go against your desired results.
No legumes. So no beans and no peanut butter. Green beans and peas are okay because they’re more green than bean. No peanuts.
No soy.
No beer.
No tubers.
No processed food.
Take fish oil.

Here’s what I need:

Stat sheet – height, age, weight.
Measurements – bicep, forearm, chest (around the nipple), waist (take the measurement at your navel, that’s your true waist), hips (top of the crease in your thigh), butt (bottom of crease), top of thigh (2″ inseam), calf.
Goals – What do you want to do in the next 30 days? Improve your run time? Do double unders? Learn to kip? Add weight to your lifts? How much weight? Lose inches? How many inches? Consider all of that.
A before picture. I don’t care, I know you’re all KINDS of self conscious about this, that’s fine, I am too. But it’s a necessary evil. Take the before picture. I won’t share it or post it or judge it or anything else. Just need the record. I won’t post it without your consent.

What do you get?
Well, first off, you get to cleanse your body. Eradicate the bad shit and bring in a new level of nutrition.
Second, you’re going to get some nice aesthetic results. Enjoy them.
Third, you get to have an idea of what your capabilities are. You get to test yourself and your will power.

So you’re out with friends and they’re saying it’s time to nosh on some chips and queso? Really, before you do is it going to help you meet your goals? Nope. Put it back, sit back and wait on your fajitas to come in. No tortillas.

No, really, what do you get?
Well, the person who comes through the 30 days with the most improvement, overall, gets a free month at XFNA.

I need this stuff Wednesday people. Thanks!


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