Workout Logs

When Grant started up here at XFNA he brought in a spiral notebook, and I’ve noticed that he uses it to keep track of his progress – whether it’s time, weight, or modifications of the WODs.
This is a great tool, and it’s something I’d like to see all of you doing. That way when you’re discouraged, you’re wanting to skip the WOD, or you’re showing someone else what it is you’ve been doing, you’ve got something on hand and quantifiable to look at.

And, to be honest, our classes are involved enough that I’m struggling keeping track of everyone’s time, so it’d be a great help to me that when we call out your time, you remember it and either post it on the blog to comments yourself, or write it on the white board. I’d really like if you all started keeping workout logs, simply because there’s something to say for that tangible product of your efforts.

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work guys!


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