Walk with arrogance…

On the CrossFit forums, there’ve been more than a few threads, though only a couple recently, about how CrossFitters are arrogant beasts who have a ‘my way is better than your way’ attitude.
I don’t find this to be true. Generally speaking CrossFitters are some of the more humble, genuine, approachable people I’ve ever met.
That said, they’re also the most confident, self assured, swagger filled people I’ve ever met.

There’s something to be said about knowing you can do something, even when you think you can’t, just for a split second. There’s something to be said for knowing and feeling that mental toughness, and knowing and feeling that power where you’re quite assured, you can push through this. It’s going to suck, it’s going to be hard, but you can push past whatever it is and get it done.
Many of the folks we encounter in our day to day are untested, untried, and unproven. They’ve never stood with their insides shaking, mind focused, and body poised, waiting on someone to tell them to begin the next fifteen minutes of their lives…fifteen minutes guaranteed to reduce them to panting, sweating, pounding, shaking masses of jelly. Fifteen minutes they’re ready, willing, and anxious to begin.
Many of the folks we encounter want the easy stuff. The predictable stuff. The routine at the gym where they know what they’re doing that day…backs and bis, chest and tris, legs and abs, cardio, repeat. They’re reassured by the known, and in that reassurance, they shy from the unknown. As a result of that shyness, they never develop that glint in their eyes. They never have that gleam of confidence and that raised chin and the shoulders back walk of someone who’s done something that sucks rancid donkey ass, but finished it, and finished it respectably.

There’s a reason to walk arrogantly. There’s a reason to remember where you come from…we all come into affiliates needing to learn, and CrossFit and the programming for CrossFit will find the weakness in ANY individual and highlight it. Then, CrossFit will make the stubborn ones decide that the weakness must be defeated.
For people unfamiliar with or lacking the mental fortitude for CrossFit, this is intimidating. It’s our job to take that intimidation factor away and let them know that we all came in ready to make fools of ourselves, and that over time, there’s a thrill in stepping out of the comfort zone. To those people, we can only ask…try it…come in and give it your go, give it your best, and see what happens.

So I say walk with arrogance. You’ve bled and sweated and cursed and panted and ran and bruised and earned that glint of assuredness that lets the world know that you may not know what’s ahead, but you’re willing to tackle it head on when the time comes. Not only will you tackle it, you’ll fight like hell to take it down.


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