Recovery days – You need them!

You guys train HARD. Anyone coming in here 2 or 3 times a week is getting some high-end full on kick ass fitness happening. You’re here for an hour at a time and the whole time you’re full on intensity.

You’ve GOT TO have time to recover from that. WODs and strength training breaks down muscle tissue – that’s why you start fading during a WOD – the fitter you are, the harder and faster you can go. Because of the break down, you’ve GOT to give your muscles time to recover completely. If you don’t, you will actually suffer loss of muscle mass and lowering of metabolism. Funny, that sounds like the OPPOSITE of our goals, right?

That means that on your ‘off days’, do some yoga, go for a walk, or play frisbee, but don’t pick up the weights and do a WOD or metcon. Give your body time to heal itself.


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