Inherent danger…

There’s a certain amount of risk associated with CrossFit. Take today’s WOD. It’s 98*+, in the effing shade. We’re going outside and running today (I ran this morning, and it was already 94. I didn’t do the WOD as prescribed because running is such a MENTAL thing for me that it’s a hurdle in and of itself to just DO it…anyway…), and don’t think for half a second I’m not well aware, 100% aware, of what y’all’re getting into and the things I need to do to keep you safe and the things I need to (and do) look for.

But we can’t negate that risk 100%. If the WOD is 100% safe, it’s not as intense and kick ass as it *should be* for the level of fitness we’re chasing.
Doing things as hard and fast as we’re doing them is GOING to cause some bumps and bruises. You’re going to get shoulder pains (k-tape is AMAZING for that mess, btw), you’re going to get blisters, blood blisters, shin scrapes, knee bumps, bruises, abrasions, stickers in your hands, sweat in your eyes, you’ll hit yourself in the face with a medicine ball, you’re going to clock yourself in the chin or teeth when kipping…and so much more. Those are all minor injuries that truly don’t amount to anything.

Being HURT?

That’s different. HURT is when you can’t move your arm correctly. HURT is when your knee is so jacked up you can’t walk. HURT is when there’s blood or bone showing. We would like to avoid that, if at all possible.

So, get used to playing sore. Get used to playing tired. Get used to having to suck up a degree of discomfort, because it’s going to happen.

But this is how we get better.


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