Are you eating enough?

Stupid question right? I bitch and moan about nutrition all the time at you guys, talking about what you should and shouldn’t eat and why and all that jazz. It’s a constant thing around here, “Did you eat today? What’d you eat?”

Hrmph. I created a food log on to just…SEE…where JC and I are at. Keep in mind…I’m 5f3, he’s 6f2. I’m 31. He’s 28. We’re both pretty active through the day. Not to mention the WODs we do and any demonstration and movements we do with you guys. We work LONG days, and we’re almost constantly moving around. Or at least moving around on a consistent basis.

So I go into Fitday and I type in yesterday’s consumption.

Jawdropping. Eye opening. Totally revealing, as a matter of fact. Why? Because FOR ME – My height and weight and age and gender…I was in over a THOUSAND CALORIE DEFICIT for just maintenance. Just for what it takes to move my big ass around every day. That’s not throwing in any extra activity (like the WOD) or anything like that.
Thought it was a fluke. Entered my stuff in for today. Made a conscious effort to eat MORE today. Still at around 200 calorie deficit. Just for what it takes to do my job every day.

THEN I decide to enter JC’s information. Holy fucking balls man. HE is over TWO THOUSAND calories short. JUST for what it takes to move HIS ass around the gym.

Not. Cool.

We’re making modifications, we’ve been discussing it tonight, but yeah. NO WONDER we trade off taking naps and wanting to sleep til all hours of the day. Sheez!

I tell you all of this because – and I know some of you are – if you do ANYTHING active outside of XFNA and you come into XFNA regularly for your WODs…you HAVE to eat good quality food. Good calories, good protein, good carbs (hello veggies!), and get your intake to where it needs to be.
Kris and I were talking and she had the same HOLY HELL revelation I did as far as realizing she NEEDS to eat more. I guarantee, you guys need to eat more.

I’m not talking about running out and buying three Sonic cheeseburgers (barf) and scarfing them down. I’m talking about good foods. More of them.

If you haven’t started a food journal, I encourage you to do so. And remember, this isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s a fairly reasonable ballpark estimate, and worth the analysis. Check it out.


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