Things you need…

Ok so don’t get me wrong. You can interview both of my ex-husbands and they’re going to tell you that I’m expensive. I “love spending money”. You could probably ask Phil and he’d say the same thing, and we’ve never been married. BUT!

There’s logic.

I’d rather buy good quality stuff that’s going to last a LONG time than buy cheap crap that won’t. I’m a total Taurus that way.
That in mind.
I present to you your list of “Things you need to buy to make your XFNA experience better”:

It doesn’t have to be THIS brand (though this is one of the best on the market) but you GOTTA get a good sports bra. Even us with the IBTC need some support. You don’t want your girls to be rockin’ around and gettin’ chafed and saggy and just…not good…because you’ve been doing burpees and box jumps. Get a good bra. No joke. If you’ve got larger boobies, you definitely want to minimize bounce, so do some research. I really like Shock Absorber and LuLuLemon. I’m almost violently opposed to Nike sports bras because their large is too big and their medium is so tight I dislocated two ribs wearing one during a WOD last year.

These happen to be LuluLemon Speed Shorts. I heart them. They feel amazing, they breath nicely, and the lining feels invisible. They’re worth every penny. Even better? The front is cut so it allows for some heft in the quads region and the back is cut to cover my ass (mostly) when I squat. Throw in the hidden drawstring and little pocket, and they’re magical. Again, these aren’t exactly mandatory, but something similar…with a wicking material, ample room in the leg region, and ass coverage. You can get Nike shorts pretty cheap on Ebay, and they ARE good quality.

You guys bust my balls about my socks but dude. Scabby shins are NOT hot. And they make shaving a pain in the ass. (BTW, I’ve just now found these socks that are pictured. They will belong to me.) Get something to cover your shins and also prevent any kind of broken blood vessels and what not. You can grab some uber cool pairs at Target for less than $3. OR you can buy some compression socks and spend a bit more money. Whatever you wanna do.

I’m not leaving you out! I promise!
Compression shorts: These bad boys, aside from making you look super fast, keep your muscles warm (preventing fatigue and strain), wick sweat (no swamp ass…), and most importantly…they prevent chafing (though to be fair, preventing strains and hernias is pretty important). If you’re not wearing something to prevent the strain…you need to be. Free ballin’ and wearing unsupportive underpants is a recipe for injury.

If you’re all going to be babies and bitch about my crazy socks, get yourself some of these. They’re manly. And more expensive, but at least your masculinity won’t be questioned because it’s obvious how bad ass you are wearing these super cool sportsox that do not look in the slightest bit feminine. Plus they help with recovery, circulation, and prevention of injury.

You guys don’t (I hope) need to worry about bras, so for tops anything wicking would probably work best.

Last thing…and it’s good for guys and dolls –

For the love of God get some flat bottomed shoes. Vibram FiveFingers, Nike Frees, or Chuck Taylors. Excellent choices all. Your squat form will thank you.


3 Responses to “Things you need…”

  1. Sassy Says:

    Interesting options, those. support in the areas that need support is very important.

    I most definitely heart my vibram fivefingers, and want another pair. MIGHT get the grandkid a pair IF she maintains. If she doesn’t maintain, I will make a drive with the apparatus from the saddle as promised.
    I just have to find something that is teacher approved footwear that won’t kill me. Of course, I *could* get the leather Vibrams….:)

  2. Omar ElHamad Jr Says:

    I love my 5 finger vibram shoes. Ive trekked nearly ever day in them. Took my niece to the zoo and walked 6 miles in them, no pain. Running 2 1/2 miles has made me a hell of a lot stronger, not to mention it has improved my form greatly. Buy them, cavemen walked barefoot, this is close enough.

    • I have to agree that they’ve corrected some serious flaws in your form, and compliment you on your progress with paleo. Excellent work sir.

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