28 July 10

wallball throw 15/25
box jump burpee

At the end of the burpee, jump up into a box jump. From the box jump, drop down into a burpee on landing.


3 Responses to “28 July 10”

  1. this suketh. But it was a good sucketh. At least I did the 24″ the entire time… trust me..it was intense enough… I coughed uncontrollably for an hour afterwards… THANKS GUYS!

  2. pr 2.45 15/9/6
    ap 8.31
    rm 8.36
    cb 8.43
    mw 17.25 25/24″
    gb 8.00
    sw 10.51
    oe 6.49
    jl 11.26
    mb 11.48

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