We get all sorts of magazine ‘samples’ here at the gym. (Somehow we wound up with a subscription to People Latina. We’ve yet to ascertain the origin of said subscription, but it’s been coming steadily for two years now…so…OLE!) Some of them are pretty useful, like the muscle mags (there are some decent paleo recipes in there) and All You (I got a great recipe for lemonade that I use for family get togethers. I just add vodka to it.) and every now and again we’ll get an US Weekly or some other tabloid.
Recently, we got a sample of Prevention magazine, and it had a little inset right in the middle, advertising a VITAMIN for DIABETES.

Wait…what? My brain LITERALLY went “wha..wha…WHAAAAAT?!” when I saw this thing.

Are Americans THIS FREAKING undisciplined that they would rather ingest pills than do the simple and PROVEN EFFECTIVE METHOD of taking care of themselves? Ok. Don’t answer that question. I was in the Army, I know how undisciplined Americans are, on the whole. It’s enough to make my brothers and I sit around a pub table and rant for several hours, gesticulating wildly while lamenting the overall state of our nation.


Do you guys know that the rise in diabetes directly correlates with the rise in the amount of sugar and processed foods Americans are ingesting, which ALSO correlates with the rise in obesity?

How do we avoid and, to no small amount, reverse this?

STOP EATING CRAP “FOOD” and eat REAL food. It’s that damn simple. It doesn’t even have to be ‘paleo’. It just has to be REAL. Stop eating foods with additives and chemical compounds…if HFCS is on the list, DON’T EAT IT. It’s that simple. A diet rich in lean protein, vegetables, some fruit and some nuts…JUST that…will go a LONG way. Stop drinking cokes….real or diet. Just stop it.
Stop giving these foods to the kids.
Stop buying the damn things.

Paleo, and eating paleo, btw, is NOT hard. It’s a pain in the ass, yes, and it’s damned inconvenient, and it’s more expensive than a ‘traditional’ American diet. But it’s not really hard. What’s HARD is having the fortitude to say NO more often than saying YES to shitty food. What’s HARD is maintaining your self discipline.
And you know what?
It’s easier as time goes on.
It starts out and it SUCKS. But then it’s easier, and you feel great.

Don’t rely on pills. Don’t rely on better living through chemical intervention. Get up off your ass and move around and stop eating crap. THAT is the magic bullet right there, not some stupid pill that a pharmaceutical company has created so you can continue the same bad habits and destructive lifestyle.


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