Confession time –

Ok, so our little minication was exactly what we both needed to recharge and get the brain back on track.
And…we did it mostly paleo. The ride down was paleo friendly, with us eating homemade Larabars for snacks, and we stopped and I ate some fajita meat (sans tortilla or cheese…or really anything else except the vegetables that went along with it…) and JC ate the meat and veggies off a burger. The salsa at the joint was pretty decent but certainly nothing to write home about. And we drank water.
That night, we went to Chili’s. By then we’d been on the bike for around 6 hours…

Needless to say, we were HUNGRY. I don’t remember what I ate, but I know it was paleo friendly…had a couple of chips and salsa but that didn’t really interest me.
Then I had a brownie explosion. I am not sad about that, because it was a LONG day.
Friday we do the river. Again, we’re paleo on this trip. No beer. We exercised other, more paleo, options instead. Ate Larabars on the float.
Before we started the float, we stopped at the ONLY eating joint on River Road. My fajitas came prewrapped. With CHEESE. *sigh* My tummy did not like the cheese. At all. And it was only like…half a teaspoon on each fajita. I also am not a fan of the floury goodness of the tortillas.
Anyway…so now the tally is one brownie explosion, a couple of chips, two tortillas, and a teaspoon of cheese.
Saturday…we do the ride into Austin…great time. Ate at Outback, kept it paleo.
Make it to Lake Whitney. We’re visiting friends. Yeah. Add four s’mores, two marshmallows, a pomegranate & acai daiquiri, and some potatoes to the mix.
No real rebellion from the belly, so it’s okay. I’m kind of sluggish, but meh. I can live with that.
SUNDAY…breakfast burritos. Cheese. No thank you again. Cheddar does NOT make it better. I felt like uck after eating the cheese.

So now we’re back to the clean eating. I won’t lie, now that I’ve ‘cheated’ on the diet, my inclination to return to my previous way of eating has significantly withered. I’m not at all interested in revisiting feeling like hammered ass monkey all the time again and not even knowing it, thank you very much.

So there’s my confession. My honesty. JC promised me s’mores. He delivered. They were amazing. I don’t regret them even one tiny little iota. See, the thing is, I made a conscious choice to eat something I knew was ‘bad’ for me. That’s my goal…awareness. I hope you guys feel pretty much the same.

Oh. And I had a Coors Light. Of all the damn beers to drink…it was Coors Light. *shudder* Next time it will be an icy cold Shiner Blonde.


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