Getting over the hump.

This ain’t easy. Let me say that. None of the whole CrossFit take care of yourself inside and outside philosophy is easy. It’s damned hard actually.
For some people it’s the exercise. For others it’s the nutrition. For others it’s the overwhelming guilt of taking hours and time away from home, kids, and family, at not a small price financially.
I get that. I understand ALL of those feelings. You get in a rut and it’s easy to NOT exercise, so you don’t. Food? Dude. We live in AMERICA. Land of the fat and home of the wrapper born food. Kids? Home? Family? I have three of the little mongrels (not so little anymore, I’m afraid…) and it IS a small feeling of guilt to take this kind of time for myself. It feels selfish to spend essentially two hours a day focused SOLELY on myself.

Y’all. Get selfish. Get over that hump. Whatever it is that’s stopping you from committing to making decisions and commitments that WILL improve your life (and therefore the quality of life of those around you)…get over it.

I love cokes! So? Do the google-foo and find out exactly how bad that crap is for you.

I love cookies! Me too! Eat two and then stop! It’s that easy. If you can’t eat two and then stop, don’t eat any.

I don’t have time! The hell you don’t. Single moms working two jobs with three kids have time for this. If they do, so do you.

I don’t like vegetables! Oh. My heart bleeds for you. I hate cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and mopping floors, but they’ve all gotta be done.

I could go on, but I’m pretty sure you get my point. This isn’t about chasing abs, this isn’t about social hour or anything like that (though I hope you come to consider your XFNA companions fairly decent friends), this is about taking care of yourself. This is about making the right choices for your health and physical and mental well being. I can’t tell you how important it is to take the time to do something to take care of yourself. You have to.

Stay at home moms. Man. I’ve been one. Those ladies have a dual edged sword. One hand, they’re not ‘working’. Other hand? They never get OFF of work. There’s no time clock for them, they don’t clock in and clock out every day, there’s no shift in expectations…it’s just wake up and do your thing..the same thing…all day…until you go to bed. Husband comes home, he’s kicking back (he’s been at work all day, after all), there’s still stuff to be done…laundry, dishes, things of that nature. Kids still need teeth brushed and bodies washed and clothes set out for the next day and don’t GET me started on those stupid folders the teachers send home for you to review and sign every effing day. It doesn’t end. Mentally, it’s substantially more wearing than many give credit for, and physically…eh. It’s so easy to just slide into eating crap and not taking care of yourself. Been there.
Working moms/dads. You get up, you work eight hours doing whatever it is you do, whether it’s a desk job in an air conditioned building or something out in a warehouse in the heat, you’re there doing it. You’ve got traffic on the way to work, you’ve got your boss riding your ass all day OR you ARE the boss and you’re riding ass all day, you’ve got too short a lunch break and not enough coffee, and then the 5 o’clock whistle blows and you’ve got traffic coming home, where you’re greeted by rambunctious kids who just want to hang out with you and dogs that need walking and a yard that’s starting to look a little hairy. It’s easy to concede to the rush, concede to the traffic, eat out of a bag and a styrofoam cup, and flop down on the couch, and not take care of yourself. I’ve been there too.
Single folks, coming home after a day of work to an empty house/apartment and cooking for one person blows ass. I’ve never done this, since I’ve had kids since I was 17 years old, but I can imagine it’s a pain in the ass and it’s quite lonely. The only difference you’ve got is you don’t have the kids/spouse coming at you. Or maybe you have the kids but not the spouse. Whatever. It’s still hard.

We’ve all got our trials y’all. We’ve all got the little devils on our shoulders telling us not to bother with showing up at XFNA and listening to the Red Devil chirping in our ears about running faster, squatting lower, or pushing harder. I KNOW that.
Shove that devil off your shoulder and GET OVER THE HUMP.

Get in here. Get here and lets DO this thing. Three times a week is great.

Same goes for the little devil holding out the cheesecake and ice cream and baked potatoes and God knows whatever else. Stop eating that crap, take care of your body not because I’m sitting here doing it but because it’s a damn nice thing to be able to play tag with your kids without getting winded. It’s a damn nice thing to go to their baseball practices and actually practice WITH THEM instead of sitting on the bench hanging out. It’s a damn nice thing to slither into a pair of skinny jeans and some sexy heels and STRUT instead of trying to find a way to wear the jeans and hide the muffin tip.

Get over the hump. Whatever it is that puts your ass in here doing the work, focus on it, and get in here.

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