I had a conversation with a new member this morning about soda. He admitted…the cokes are his heroin.
I understand.
Truly, I do, because we’re talking sugar, we’re talking caffeine, we’re talking tasty little bubbles that tickle your tongue, we’re talking about 110* days and Route 44 Dr. Peppers with super cold Sonic ice…I get it.

But dude. Cokes are. So. Bad. For you. I’m talking…I’d rather you eat a piece of cheesecake every day than tell me you down three or four cokes a day.

First off, we’re talking empty calories. I mean, there’s NOTHING redeeming about cokes. Nothing. They don’t contribute one single beneficial thing to your body. Not one. All you’re doing is adding calories to your diet, and sugar to your blood streem.
Second, the sugar in the cokes will coat your teeth, mix with bacteria and saliva, and just destroy your enamel. The mixture is acidic in nature, due to the carbolic acid in the carbonation, meaning it’s your mouth’s natural enemy.
Third, the exceptionally high amount of sugar, high fructose corn syrup (manufactured sugar), and other sweeteners in cokes has been linked to type 2 diabetes. The effects on the body from the excessive amounts of sugar are just horrific, and hormonally, I can’t think of too many things worse than drinking a coke. It’s THAT bad folks.
Finally, consumption of cokes leads to losses in bone density (the phosphorus and the caffeine together = bad juju for anyone looking to avoid osteoporosis…which I think is pretty much all of us) and damages the internal organs. We’re talking liver disease, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinism, fatty liver, and more.

I’m not saying NEVER DRINK COKES AGAIN! God knows, every once in a blue, I LOVE a Dublin Dr. Pepper. But I don’t, and I won’t, drink one every day. Or even every month.

Avoid these things guys. If you’re drinking several a day, and you’re addicted to the sugar rush, cut it in half for a month.
Then cut it in half again.
Then cut THAT in half.
Ultimately, your body will change its mind about the sugar and how it feels going into your body. You’ll go from loving the taste to grimacing when you drink it. I promise you, you’ll feel a MILLION times better.


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